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In order to understand the judge reasoning and the position of the Six Nations community, it is important to view the decision through a historical lens, says Shin Imai, a law professor at Osgoode Hall who has spent the past four decades working in the area of indigenous rights.

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She argues that one way to see the decision is that the interest in having Aboriginal rights upheld is outweighing the right to life for this child and I don see how they could have justified that because in the law there is a basic presumption in favour of life.

The judge wrote that a medical doctor on Six Nations, Dr. Karen Hill, works with Alba Jamieson, a traditional medical practitioner, demonstrating that traditional healing continues to be practiced on the reserve. He also wrote that the mother sought treatment for the child at an alternative care facility in Florida over the course of the hearing, though it unclear whether that facility provides traditional medicine.

Edward decision has left many legal experts in constitutional and family law questioning whether the rights of the child were properly weighed in this case.

courts have said the purpose of Section 35 is to reconcile First Nations or Aboriginal communities with the rest of Canada, says Imai. what has been obvious to non indigenous people as good ended in total disaster. (In residential schools) it was good to beat them when they spoke their own language . . . It was obvious in the sixties when all these children were taken off the reserves.

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Refusing chemotherapy a decision made by a mother, on behalf of a daughter she truly loves, steeped in a practice that has been rooted in their culture from its beginnings, wrote Edward.

The judge notes that Section 35 of the Constitution is not part of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As such, it is not governed by Section 1 of the Charter which places limits on rights like freedom of expression or freedom of religion. Then he stopped which was wrong, says Ryder.

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And so Edward did not force the Brant Children Aid Society to apprehend the girl and undergo the chemotherapy her doctors at the McMaster Children Hospital said gave her a 90 to 95 per cent chance of survival her only chance of survival. He, instead, established that Section 35 of the Constitution protects the Aboriginal practice of using traditional medicine and the right of the mother to have her child treated with traditional medicine over chemotherapy.

In those cases the courts essentially say to parents, your Charter right to freedom of religion does not override your child right to life, says Cheryl Milne, the executive director of the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights at the University of Toronto. She adds that Canada, as a signatory of the UN Convention on the rights of a child, also has obligations to protect the life and health of children.

I find the decision is a little unclear on is the right of her child herself and seeing her rights as separate, says Milne.

The case is distinct from other instances where courts have intervened to force medical treatment on minors not considered capable of making their own decisions often because of religious objections, such as in the case of Jehovah Witnesses refusing to accept blood transfusions.

The main and obvious flaw in decision is that the judge doesn address possible limitations on Aboriginal rights, says Bruce Ryder, a law professor at Osgoode Hall specializing in constitutional law.

a First Nations child to undergo unwanted, mainstream medical treatment is an affront to the dignity and autonomy of the child, our cultures, and our nations, says a statement from the Six Nations of the Grand River and the Mississaugas of New Credit praising the decision. our children been forced into treatment, it would have Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Australia Sale had a disastrous effect on their emotional, psychological, and spiritual well being.

The ruling has been supported by Aboriginal communities and met with concern by non Aboriginal legal experts who question whether the decision adequately considered the rights of the girl and the duty of the government to protect the best interest of the child. is her aboriginal right, wrote Justice Gethin Edward in his Nov. 14, 2014 decision.

The Supreme Court of Canada has clearly said that rights are absolute, all rights are subject to limits that have to be justified by the government, he said. question that the judge didn even consider is whether the process put in place for imposing treatments on a child, when it in the best interest of child, might be a justified limit on Section 35.

The hospital has said it has no plans to appeal the decision. This is a of competing sorrows, because no matter what you do somebody is going to be hurt or harmed or upset, says Margaret Somerville, the founding director of the Centre of Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University.

In choosing not to unilaterally order the child taken from her parents and community, Imai notes that the judge considered that in addition to loving and caring parents, the Six Nations community was actively involved and concerned about the care of the child.

In the decision, Edward refers to the history of our country prosecution of those who practiced traditional medicine. Every decision from the outside that says is good for you and whether you think so or not we going to do it has to consider that perspective, Imai said.

think it important to note that these parents were not proposing to not have their daughter receive any treatment, says Katherine Hensel, a prominent lawyer with extensive experience representing First Nations people. was receiving traditional medicines which, to the best of their knowledge, can and should be used. And are always used.

Aboriginal medicine ruling sparks instant controversy

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Buy Men Canada Goose Langford Parka Grey Australia

Each holiday season, you can bet you'll be hearing the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" by Andy Williams. And just as Andy is a holiday favorite, so is Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee for me in fact, some coffee hounds can hardly wait to get a cupful of that seasonal brew of choice.

Either way, I think it's an interesting sales tactic: Offering a special version of your product for a limited time, and then tweak the formula each year. Consumers who love a particular item will stockpile the product out of fear it won't be exactly the same next year. On the other hand, you may lose customers who prefer a consistent, high quality product.

Avid fans of Starbucks' Buy Men Canada Goose Langford Parka Grey Australia Christmas Blend (also called Holiday Blend) from previous years have even logged onto eBay in hopes of buying their favorite coffee blend online. Interestingly, many Starbucks fans believe that the company modifies its Christmas Blend just a little each year. Personally, I can't tell the difference in the taste from one year to the next. Since coffee is a crop, I wouldn't be surprised if the flavor is affected by weather, soil conditions, or other variables beyond Starbucks control.

Is your company offering a special holiday version of a product or service to lure business? What are you doing to drum up holiday sales?

A Cup of Good Cheer

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In the morning Jonathan went out into the field to the appointment with David, and with him a little lad. And he said to his lad, "Run and find the arrows which I shoot." As the lad ran. Jonathan called after the lad and said, "Is not the arrow beyond you?" And Jonathan called after the lad, "Hurry, make haste, stay not." So Jonathan's lad gathered up the arrows, and came to his master. But the lad knew not a thing (davar); only Jonathan and David knew the thing (davar).

Let us follow the exchange between David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel Chapter 20.

David, a retainer, is afraid of the ruling king Saul. He finds an ally in the king's son, Jonathan. The young prince accepts a task: To ascertain Saul's intentions towards David. But he needs to transfer this information without open betrayal. Jonathan comes up with a plan, and tells David to return in three days, hide and watch:

And I will shoot three arrows. And behold, I will send the lad, saying, "Go, find the arrows." If I say to the lad, "Look, the arrows are on this side of you, take them," then you are to come, for as the Lord lives it is safe for you, and there is no danger. But if I say to the youth, "Look, the arrows are beyond you," then leave; for the Lord has sent you away."

a MESSAGE about correct translation

That plan was soon put into action:

The reason I bring the story concerns, of course, the two underlined appearances of the term "davar". Since the entire episode is about how Jonathan tells David of Saul's anger, I find the mistranslations of the term as "thing" to be particularly disturbing. How can anyone neglect the logos nature of this covert operation? It is clearly a communication; not a "thing" and not a "matter". We could talk of the "Ten Things" that God Cheap Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka White Australia gave Moses on Mount Sinai, because a decree is also a "thing". Likewise, it's possible to translate Genesis 11:1: "And the whole earth was of one language, and of one thing" (rather than one speech). Indeed we can even call the Hebrew name for Deuteronomy as the Book of Things (dvarim), without it being a lie. The problem with these options is the loss of data. We are missing the SPEECH nature of Gods words on Sinai, or of Moses' book long oration, or the nature of the universal uniformity in the time of the Tower of Babel, or of Jonathan's arrow game. As Rembrandt so brilliantly shows: Jonathan is in love. David is not.

Inzwischen, mit knapp 100 Tage bis zum Belstaff lederjacke herren Beginn des Franzsisch Prsidentschaftswahlen in zwei Runden im April und Mai, strzten sich die oppositionellen Belstaff lederjacke damen Sozialisten. Parteichef Martine Aubry eine Erklrung abgegeben, den "Verlust des AAA ist eine Rge der Politik seit 2007 genommen" das Jahr Belstaff jacket Sarkozy gewhlt wurde.

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After years of moving Canada geese from urban areas, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources began culling geese last year and donating the processed birds to food pantries in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Between 1,000 and 2,000 adult geese will be rounded up in Minnesota in 1996 and shipped to poultry processing plants, said Tom Landwehr, a biologist with the department.

"We want geese here, but there has to be some control," Landwehr said. "Unfortunately, we have to do something and make the best of a bad situation."

Christy Nahsar, a board member of Voice for Wildlife, a Chicago area animal advocacy group, said she was "totally outraged" at the idea.

"I must emphasize that we are not advocating culling geese to put meat on the table," Tuggle said. "We are talking about putting together a comprehensive regional plan to deal with a nuisance goose problem, and culling would be one option to consider."

Many wildlife experts contend, however, that control tactics such as landscape management, scarecrows, noisemakers and shaking goose eggs to prevent hatching cannot keep up with the escalating numbers of fowl. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Graphite Australia the state's Canada goose population stands at 150,000 and is rising.

In recent years, deer slaughtered during annual DuPage County Forest Preserve District culls have ended up as entrees at shelters for the homeless and food pantries. Now it is possible that Canada geese could be joining them on the menu.

Activists Hope Goose Culling Never Gets Off Ground

Debbie Leahy, co founder of Illinois Animal Action, a Warrenville animal rights group, described the proposal as "absolutely outrageous."

Nevertheless, the suggestion did not fly with area animal rights groups.

"What those government wildlife agencies should be doing is implementing non lethal alternatives to control the geese," Leahy said.

A 1993 lawsuit filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was unsuccessful in its attempt to stop the goose relocation program, and no animal rights group has sued to stop the culling, Landwehr said.

Meanwhile, at the county government complex in Wheaton, the rental swans have arrived and are becoming acclimated. Because male swans become territorial only during the spring nesting season, their value as goose deterrents cannot be measured until next year, county employee Judy Wilkiel said.

Tuggle said any long term solution to the goose problem would have to be comprehensive, involving such strategies as planting vegetation that would make areas less attractive to the geese.

Women Canada Goose Kensington Parka Graphite Australia

The burgeoning flocks of giant fowl are overrunning parks, golf courses and even the grounds of the county government complex in Wheaton and leaving messy droppings. County Board members recently approved spending $5,800 to rent a pair of swans aggressively territorial critters known for their reluctance to share their turf with geese during nesting season for the complex's main retention pond.

"You betcha we would mount a protest" if the county or other government agencies started killing geese, Nahsar said.

In a suggestion that has outraged local animal advocacy groups, wildlife specialist Benjamin Tuggle proposed killing some of the ubiquitous birds and donating them to charities. Fish and Wildlife Service, mentioned culling as one among many options for dealing with the suburban goose problem during a speech he gave Wednesday at a Conservation Foundation of DuPage luncheon.

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As you look through these photographs, take note of the president's signature kissing technique, as it reveals a whole new dimension of his persona. President Obama, typically the picture of calm and poise, throws caution to the wind and lets his lips fall where they may, much to the delight of those on the receiving end.

Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Brown Australia Shop

A Political Art Form

Is there anyone in the nation's capital busier than President Obama? Hardly. Which makes it amazing that amid all of the demands of the nation's highest office, President Obama has actually, and rather surprisingly, emerged as quite the ladies man. So, for Valentine's Day, we're making a close examination of perhaps the most under analyzed aspect of his presidency to date: His flair for giving a kiss.

For starters, take the president's embrace with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at the National Prayer Breakfast earlier this month, an encounter in which he pressed his lips dangerously close to her grinning mouth a captivating sight to be sure. Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan, where he seemed to savor the sweet scent of her perfume. Perhaps the most intriguing moment snapped by a photographer was the love struck expression on Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's face when the president held her close for a hug and began to close in for a kiss, her eyes closed as if lost in a timeless rapture. If this series of photos tell a story, it's that Barack Obama is so much more than the nation's Commander in Chief. He's our Lover in Chief.

President Obama is roundly celebrated for his deft speaking abilities, but we've noticed he has mastered Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Brown Australia Shop a whole other art of lip service, too. And the proof of his mastery has been captured countless times with photos of the president getting cozy with a host of political figures and world leaders.

The Lover in Chief does not merely show affection to the many, many women he encounters. He's an equal opportunity and noticeably bi partisan lover, embracing men from both sides of the aisle (in addition to all those women). Indeed, you'll see a photo of him gently comforting Arizona Senator John McCain, after having outpaced him in the 2008 presidential election. And you'll be exposed to a scene you may think you'd never behold: a photo of him and George W. Bush hugging it out. Among all of those images of the president caught in the act, you'll certainly see shots of him planting some smooches on the lips of his main squeeze, Michelle. Although, from the looks of it, we're not sure she's his only Valentine this year .

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Here are some key details:

Data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission show Minnesota trails the national average in employing public workers who reflect the state's demographics. However, the nation's police and teachers remain predominately white, data show.

Community leaders say those limited experiences can lead to poor communication and mistrust between people of color and the public workers providing them services. It also makes it less likely that children of color will consider the police station, classroom or state Capitol for possible careers. Jordan Jr., president of the NAACP Minnesota and Dakotas chapter. "If people don't see someone who looks like them in a public role, then they'll never see themselves in that role."

A workforce that reflects Minnesota

That means when a child of color interacts with a public servant cop, teacher or lawmaker Canada Goose Dawson Parka Outlet Australia the chances that person will look like them are pretty slim.

"It does more than just saying: 'This is a great job,'" Hines explained. "You can see yourself wearing the hat."

There are just eight people of color among the 201 members of the Minnesota Legislature.

Canada Goose Dawson Parka Outlet Australia

Nearly 20 percent of Minnesotans are people of color, but just 5 percent of teachers, 7 percent of police officers and 10 percent of state workers are racial or ethnic minorities. Another 4 percent of state employees choose not to disclose their race.

Hines, president of the Minnesota chapter of the National Black Police Association, wanted all the students to imagine themselves in uniform.

wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaST. PAUL On a recent elementary school visit, Metro Transit Police Lt. Anthony Hines made sure to bring an officer's cap and a mirror.

Few Minnesotans of color see themselves that way.

A Pioneer Press analysis found clear racial disparities in every sector between taxpayers and the people who earn taxpayer funded salaries. Educators, law enforcement officers, state and county workers and legislators remain overwhelmingly white even as the state's population has become increasingly diverse.

Recent deadly interactions between people of color and police coupled with long standing economic gaps have brought Minnesota's racial disparities to the forefront. As leaders work to address the state's gaps in achievement and opportunities, improving the diversity of the public sector is part of the equation.

Canada Goose Dawson Parka Outlet Australia

Canada Goose Dawson Parka Outlet Australia

One in five state residents is a person of color, but in most cases, fewer than one in 10 public jobs like Hines' is held by a minority worker.

St. Paul is the state's most diverse city, with 40 percent of the population people of color, yet only one in five city workers is a racial or ethnic minority.

Ramsey County falls along lines similar to St. Paul. People of color make up 37 percent of the county population, but only 27 percent of the county workforce; for teachers and law enforcement, the gap is twice as large.

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a goose from Greenland may signal the advance of global warming

Resident David Swain spotted the big goose in a gaggle of of his close friends at Nine Acre Corner in Concord.Swain could easily see a large yellow band on the bird, and could read in black letters through his spotting scope. He was curious about the bird origins, and reported the sighting to the Patuxent Bird Banding Laboratory in Maryland on Dec. 15.Not long after that, a researcher from Denmark contacted Swain and identified the goose as one of 42 that were banded in 2008 for research in Greenland on the decline of the white fronted goose population.Geese that were banded in Greenland have also been sighted at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, in South Egremont and in Sheffield.That a goose flew almost 2,000 miles, much of it across the Gulf of Labrador, is nothing new. Heusmann, a wildlife biologist at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.With a gradual warming of the climate, Heusmann said, geese are not wintering as far ahead of the curve when it comes to global warming, he said.Wayne R. Petersen, director of the Massachusetts Important Bird Areas Program for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, said that in the past birds from Greenland did not migrate to North America. They migrated exclusively to Europe. The Concord goose represents a new migration route.change in migration pathways may be an indication of climate change, Petersen said. Concord goose gives us a heads up on the comings and goings of other rare birds. These geese are possibly also modifying their migration, Petersen said. Sightings of birds rarely spotted in Massachusetts might not be so unusual in coming years.Canada geese first showed up in Greenland in the 1980s and are believed to be a contributor to the decline of the rare Greenland white fronted goose. The number of white fronted geese has dipped dramatically, while the Canada goose population has exploded in Greenland, as it did in Massachusetts.David A. Stroud, an ornithologist with the United Kingdom Joint Nature Conservation Committee, said in an e mail that shifting weather patterns that bring more snow in April, and the growth of the Canada goose population in Greenland have hurt the white fronted goose.only are their essential feeding areas covered in deep snow when Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Navy Melbourne they arrive, but if they can find feeding they now have to compete with the larger bodied, more aggressive Canada geese that are now sharing the landscape, said Stroud.Prior to the 1980s, Canada geese were not a factor in Greenland, said Petersen.did not colonize there for one reason. Conditions were just not suitable, he said. Concord goose, this is a bird we know is coming and going to Greenland. The Canada goose never did that. The climate may be just warm enough to just possibly allow it.The year round population of Canada geese in the state is estimated at 40,000. Heusmann said there could be as many as 800 grazing in Concord at one time. The Greenland goose likely landed in Massachusetts in a stop approach, after seeing the resident geese.The resident population descended from geese that were imported to Massachusetts from the Midwest and bred in captivity to be used as decoys for hunting a century ago. When the practice was outlawed in 1935, many hunt clubs released their flocks into the wild. By then, the birds had lost their migratory instinct and never left the state, said Petersen.By the mid 1960s, the geese had spread across the state and reached nuisance levels.Heusmann said the majority of migratory geese, estimated at a worldwide population of 400,000, pass over Massachusetts, but some take up winter residence here. While geese bond with their mates, Heusmann said, there is no evidence that migratory geese mate with evidence of the ganders pairing, he said. no data that supports pair bonds. There no single case of a goose banded in Quebec nesting down here. Heusmann said a pair were sighted on a pond at Fort Devens and within seven years their offspring had grown into a flock of 180 birds.While the Canada goose is not a threat to native species, Heusmann said, the droppings they leave on lawns, golf courses, and waterfront areas are a nuisance for many area residents.too many geese everyplace, they so successful and so prolific, said Heusmann. are no biological problems with these birds. They are not a problem to the natural environment. They are a problem to the human environment.

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It is a time of year when we pay extra close attention to the road, to avoid the tragedy of running them over. Imagine the horror! My wife covers her eyes and cringes when a gopher or squirrel darts out in front of our car and it just about makes her sick if we feel and hear that tell tale thump She looks at me like I the devil when I don slam on the brakes or swerve. Imagine her reaction if any of those cute, fuzzy little ducklings ended up under one of our tires!

Emma is in trial this week, hoping that a jury will not convict her of two counts of criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing the deaths of a father, Roy, and his 16 year old daughter, Jessie.

Jessie was on the back of Roy motorcycle. They were following a car in the fast lane, when the car they were following swerved at the last minute to avoid smashing into the back of Emma stopped car. Roy and Jessie didn have a chance.

Paul became a weekly newspaper columnist in January of 2007, when his first column entitled not about screwing the Insurance Company was published.

But no, our sprawling communities have taken up more and more duck habitat. During springtime, those cute little creatures can find themselves in very serious danger, particularly when their waddling path takes them across a street or a highway.

In 2007, Paul opened Hergott Law, a boutique personal injury law firm in the Central Interior, serving personal injury clients from all over British Columbia. Paul practice is restricted to acting only for the injured victim, never for ICBC or for other insurance companies.

Achieving Justice

This is, of course, in sharp contrast to an adult goose with a fully functional food processing system that chooses to hang out at a place where my children like to run around bare foot. I done a little research on the goose thing. It illegal to even think about causing harm to a Canada Goose. Okay, that a slight exaggeration and one that if true would have me behind bars for a very long time.

They not the most spatially aware creatures. They won immediately disperse if you get close with your vehicle. You have to sit there and wait for them to finish their casual Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Australia waddling across the road before continuing on. At least with your vehicle sitting there a less concerned motorist won come along and mow them down.

Men Canada Goose Expedition Blue Australia

Sometimes they waddle their cuteness into harm way. Its our fault, of course. If we would have left their ponds alone the ducks could safely waddle their way through their uncluttered little duck lives.

I found two British Columbia court judgments that are on point. Chief Justice Wilson in a case decided in 1969 had this to say: desire to save an animal life is natural and admirable but, of course, it cannot excuse all acts done in pursuance of it. If the choice is between an animal and human safety then, I should think, there is no real choice and the animal must suffer. a later decision of our Court of Appeal, the highest court in this province, a three justice panel approved the following statement of Justice Hinds: he did not want to hurt the dog was both decent and understandable but, as a matter of law, he did not owe a duty to the dog he owed a duty to his passengers. In the circumstances, his instinctive reaction of veering off the roadway to avoid striking the dog was negligent. Of the various areas of litigation, he became most drawn to, and passionate about, pursuing fair compensation for injured victims. This gradually became his exclusive area of practice.

These would have been Emma thoughts on a nice, relaxed Sunday in the Summer, 2010. Emma, a young driver, stopped her vehicle on Highway 30, south of Montreal, to tend to a family of ducks.

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Buy Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Black Australia

A Season for Shooting 'Problem' Geese

Like football games and falling leaves, goose hunting is a symbol of autumn in western New York. But this year gunfire was heard even before Labor Day, a result of a special 10 day hunting season aimed at thinning the goose population in three counties."It's not the migratory geese that are the problem," said Dale R. Dewing, field crop agent with the Cattaraugus County Cooperative Extension. "It's the ones that live here year round."As the Canada goose population of western New York has grown over the last 20 years, so have complaints from residents, especially farmers and golfers. Fond of CornFor farmers, the problem is economic. In Cattaraugus County, Mr. Dewing estimates that geese have eaten "tens of thousands of dollars" worth of crops, mostly corn grown to feed the county's 26,000 dairy cows. "It's certainly not something that's of disastrous proportions, but it concerns the farmers involved," he said.For golfers, the concern is where there are geese, there are droppings."Many times there's no clean area to lay the golf bag down in," said Benjamin W. Morey, manager of Beaver Island State Park, just north of Buffalo. "Many times the ball gets a color other than white." 1,000 Kills ExpectedTo reduce the goose population, the State Department of Environmental Conservation opened a special 10 day hunting season beginning Sept. 1 in Erie, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties. The state's regular goose hunting season runs for 70 days beginning in November.Officials estimate there are 9,000 geese in the three counties. As the Labor Buy Women Canada Goose Trillium Parka Black Australia Day weekend started, the department had issued about 1,500 hunting permits. Each hunter is allowed to kill six birds in the 10 day season, with a maximum of three in one day.If each hunter bagged the limit, the goose problem and the geese would be eliminated. But realistically, officials said, only about 1,000 geese probably will be killed."I know hunters have been very successful in the southern tier counties, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua," said Kenneth J. Roblee, a senior wildlife biologist with the Department of Environmental Conservation. "But I know as far as Beaver Island and the Niagara River, the take has been very light."Not everyone favors the hunting solution to the goose problem."If something is endangering a human being, we can see why you'd have to kill it," said Valerie P. Will, president of Animal Rights Advocates of Western New York. "But just because it's on a golf course?"About 15 members of Mrs. Will's group presented a petition against the hunt to state officials on Aug. 27. Five days later, on the eve of the hunt, the group staged a "wake" at Beaver Island park, leaving wreaths on the turf for the geese about to fall.

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dry, dry, are the words on the lips of ranchers and farmers. Department of Agriculture. brother small child said, had no snow this winter. I can remember a time when we haven had snow on our farm. It pretty pathetic.

Nolan Doesken, climatologist for the state of Colorado, said the eastern part of Colorado has been dealing with dry conditions for a decade, with 2002 the worst.

The water in the Pacific Ocean is colder than average, and that affects the pattern of the jet stream, he explained.

Trees and shrubs: Watch soil moisture, especially if they still getting established. Check the moisture 3 or 4 inches down into the soil. If it dry, give it a slow, gentle soaking. Remember to disconnect the hose at night so pipes don freeze.

a makes presence felt

Crocuses may be bursting into bloom all over the Front Range, but not all the flora is happy about an early warm up.

January Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Black Melbourne tied as the 10th driest on record in Denver, with only 4.9 inches of snow, the city said; an all time record high temperature for the date was set Jan. 21 with 71 degrees.

flirt with drought (every year), and even an average year is barely enough to do what we are trying to do in terms of agricultural activities in the semi arid high plains, he said.

The warm, dry conditions prompted Denver to give up for the year on its free snow park, Ruby Hill.

is a tendency for eastern Colorado to be on the dry side and a little bit on the warm side, he said of La Ni years. I look at Denver over the past year, it has definitely been dry. So, this is a fairly long standing situation of dryness that we are looking at.

And don let those snowcapped mountains and reports of above normal snowpack fool you. Since December, the amount of snow in the mountains has been minimal, and the snowpack is declining.

He said the drought came creeping back in earnest in early 2008 and that by the end of July, most of eastern Colorado was in the depths of drought.

hard to complain about all this beautiful weather, except when you are hoping for cold and snow, said Kevin Patterson, manager of Denver Parks and Recreation, in a release announcing the Ruby Hill closure.

Denver Botanic Gardens horticulture director Sarada Krishnan has these tips:

calling for warm and dry conditions for the spring period, said Mike Gillespie, snow survey supervisor for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. doesn bode very well, given that right now, we are on the decline, a little above average, but we basically lost most of our surplus over the past several months. And we continue to do that.

He warned: April, we will be below average in snowpack and runoff.

Get used to the weather outlook. The National Weather Service has just issued its three month forecast for Colorado: warmer and drier conditions than normal over most of the state.

The dry forecast worrying farmers also concerns those who watch snowpack levels.

Baby Canada Goose Snow Bunting Black Melbourne