Ohio courts got tough with Gary Williams of Mansfield, Ohio, when he was Men Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Red Australia Sale convicted of illegally snagging what would have been a state record saugeye. He served five days in jail, got six months probation and had his fishing license suspended. Williams earlier had been fined for snagging walleye. When was the last time if ever an Illinois poacher has served jail time? Among Ohio's busts this year were 60 cases of exceeding limits on perch. One fellow tried to keep 121 more perch than allowed and two groups were cited for overbagging by 212 and 122 perch. All fish were confiscated and given to local food pantries.

A minor flap circulated among Chicago's lakefront anglers

A minor flap circulated among Chicago's lakefront anglers last week when someone saw a commercial fishing vessel netting perch and started a rumor of illegal harvest. However, the voyage happened to be a contracted effort by the Department of Natural Resources to sample perch populations in each quarter of the year for a scientific study all on the up and up. . . . Look for the DNR to announce next week reduced numbers of chinook salmon to be stocked in Lake Michigan.

The Central Zone duck season closes at sunset Sunday, but Canada goose hunting resumes there Thursday, hopefully but not likely until Jan. 31. Likewise, the quota for the North Zone goose season is expected to be reached by late this week, if not earlier, compared with the prescribed closure on Jan. 10.

The idea of having more than one artificial reef in Lake Michigan is hardly far fetched. Three reefs were created in Lake Erie by Ohio fisheries managers just from the rubble of Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium. These "stadium reefs" as they are known have been marked with buoys so anglers can find them. Incidentally, two Chicago firms have contributed 4,500 tons of clean rubble for this city's first two reefs. Einoder Construction Co. and the rest from Bechstein Construction Co.

An Ohio farm pond owner got the surprise of his life when he uncovered a 30 year old sturgeon swimming in the shallows. The 5 foot monster apparently had been dumped into the pond and forgotten. Al Michalak of Curtice, Ohio, got the fish into his brother in law's minnow tank where mud was cleared from the fish's gills with running water. An Ohio biologist then released the beauty which happens to be a state endangered species into Lake Erie's Sandusky Bay.

This 'n' that: Chuck Tamminga's name frequently pops up when DNR insiders consider Gov. elect George Ryan's alternatives for DNR director if he bypasses Brent Manning. Tamminga is the former Department of Conservation lands manager who was demoted twice during the Mark Frech regime. He reportedly has been interviewed for Manning's job, as has Manning. . . . Perch America will dump 20,000 7 inch walleye fingerlings into Wolf Lake on Tuesday afternoon. "This is what I've been dreaming of since 1994," said Joe Bala, the organization's founder.

Book beat: Charlie Potter's long awaited tome detailing a great waterfowl passage and a duck hunter's remarkable odyssey from Canada to the Gulf Coast is available in a first printing of 1,000 leather bound and numbered copies. "Following the Flight" (Delta Station Press, $49.50, 888 462 7469) includes spectacular illustrations by wildlife artist David A. Maass. This thrilling, well written volume belongs in every serious waterfowler's collection.

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"I'm never gonna die," proclaimed DNR Great Lakes fisheries manager Tom Trudeau on last week's news that eating three candy bars a month could add another year of life. "It's like having an endowment."

Another false rumor has the DNR considering a bucks only season for deer next year in Johnson, Jackson and Union Counties, where lower deer numbers forced curtailment of the upcoming handgun hunting season. "We have been cutting back on antlerless permits in those counties," DNR forest game manager Paul Shelton confirmed. "We've done it a little longer in Johnson than in Jackson or Union. Over the last four or five years, the total permits in those counties probably dropped between 500 and 1,000. But they still get a lot of permits and they still have a lot of deer. We're just managing the numbers. We've got a handful of stuff we can do before we'd ever impose a bucks only hunt."

Rich Klemme's Fishing Ambassadors store on 55th Street and Willow Springs Road in suburban Countryside has become the only all fly tackle shop on the South Side. Klemme switched from half fly and half conventional tackle at the end of the summer. Klemme also produces the "Midwest Fly Show" Jan. 8 10 at Drury Lane in Oak Brook Terrace, featuring masters tying classes and demonstrations, plus seminars by Dave and Emily Whitlock, Lefty Kreh, Tom Helgeson, Chris Helm, Brad Refus, Dave Gibson and many others. Call 708 492 4992.