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the media version of teenagers blowing raspberries at theirQuite right! It is Lord Crouchback, hoteliers of Sydney, not Mister Crouchback! Jolly well remember that when I pop down for the Ashes next year you impudent swine! Here is an ever better excerpt:

Yours, etcQuite right your Cheap Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Berry Australia lordship. The Australians, as a whole, should be thoroughly grateful for the fartherly guidance shown to them by their former school master which in this case is the one who canes the most, Great Britain.

So yes, your comeuppance was long overdue, and how satisfying that your nemesis should be turn out to be a staunch, loyal monarchist! I have been researching this fellow Abbott and he sounds like just the sort of fellow we need down in the colonies. Here is an excerpt:

Well, Mr Turnbull, you will find no sympathy in this quarter. Indeed, I have long considered you to be a very rum chap. I have not forgotten the danger you posed to the security of the Realm with your self aggrandising court room shenanigans in the Spycatcher case. If I had had my way and I was active at Court at that time and very nearly did have my way your head would have rolled down Pall Mall faster than one can shout "traitor!"

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Cheap Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Berry Australia

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