What do the children need (clothing/supplies wise?)

Thank you again to everyone who has chipped in or donated in any way. Even to those of you who have written letters of hope and encouragement it has meant so much.

Happy to help however practical from this end.

And I sure I not the first to suggest any of the above.

Turn to the community network that supported thusly. What resources do they already have.

I also moved about 20 times always on my own.

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We also have received donations other than monetary. One person sent us four boxes of gently used clothing/shoes. We couldn believe all the stuff that she packed!! We have a furniture company, Mortise and Tenon in Los Angeles that has committed to donating furniture to Daniela. The family received Nintendo DS for the kids and we gave those to them on Brandon birthday.

I will get you both her address and send it to you via email. I do not want to post her new address here.

As to your suggestion of putting some ideas of items that are still needed I will do that so if people like yourself still want to help out, they can. I just don want people to think we are still asking for more because our bucket of donations has been filled and then refilled. Our goal was to raise $5,000 and you know how that ended up.

I rebuilt from 2 hurricanes. The floodtides of outpourings touch your heart but the tendency of excessive waste from too much of the same doesn do anyone any good.

Tre, sounds like you have some first hand experience at what it means to literally rebuild. We too are so touched by the outpouring of love and sincerity, words cannot describe what we all are feeling.

A good portion of this weekend was spent moving Daniela stuff from our house (and garage) to her new apartment. Though she and the family are still sleeping at our place, we have most of their possessions outside the house. One thought that I had as I was helping Daniela move boxes and furniture up the stairs into the apartment was how alone people in her situation really are. She was doing a lot of the heavy lifting herself while Belinda was watching our kids and hers.

David and I are getting her closet organizers and hopefully will be able to put those in by Friday. We also plan to start a meal drop off with our friends so she won have to worry about making meals for the first week or so.

What does the home need (furniture wise)

welcome home at long last daniela and here to a safe feeling of real security, peace, and the sancitity of your own home.

Abbie, Candy of course goes a long way but I think mini photo books would be a great idea! The kids could start putting some photos of their new apartment and friends in there. The kids have not asked about their dad or old house but I think they are confused. So having pics. of special people might remind them that they are very much loved. They could even put pics of their relatives from Romania in there. Just a thought.

Please note again that those suggested items are only listed for those who want to donate that haven We even contemplated not posting those items because we already have gotten so much support.

A Fresh Start

Thanks again for the support. Updates will continue to be found here as well as the timeline on Twitter.

Kalena, I remember having a pen pal when I was in school. We would send pictures, and sometimes stickers and it was so much fun. There is something special about getting a letter in the mail.

So, to ask for more would not feel right, but I do sense that there are people that want to do something because they feel connected to Daniela and her family.

On Sunday I recruited a helper for the furniture and we finally got everything in the place. Daniela new home is a modest 2 bedroom with one bath. But she pretty excited about the fresh start she can look forward to. After talking with her one evening she was searching for a word (her native language is Romanian) to describe what she felt while living in her house. I told her "anxiety" and described what the word meant. (also thanks to yourfurniturelink and Ceva for free shipping) All, very cool. If you are involved with either company, I drafted up a crude floorplan here.

So here are a few things Daniela could use if you or anyone else wants Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Navy Melbourne to help: small microwave, set of dishes, glasses, frying pan, kitchen towels, bathroom rug, Spring clothes for kids. (Girl sz 10, girl sz 4/5, boy sz 7/8), shoe rack, and a used computer.