Depending on which group of ornithologists one uses, there are at least seven subdivisions of Canada goose species. The one most of us are familiar with is the greater Canada goose.

Many blue morph snow geese are dark with a white head and neck. There also is a white morph juvenile that is all white on the bottom and grayish on the top. It is rare to find a summering or wintering bird in our area.

A gaggle of goose varieties

The species is common in spring migration and fairly common in fall migration. It is rare to find a summering bird and it is accidental to find one in winter.

Six species of geese have been reported in the Bismarck Mandan area. The most common one is the Canada goose, a resident that nests in our area.

In 2005, the cackling goose was split from the Canada goose and became a new species. It is the smallest of the geese with a stubby bill and a short neck.

A small number of the birds were located in Minnesota and were used to bring the population back. They were sent to various locations to be raised and monitored. One of the locations selected was the Amoco Oil Refinery in Mandan, now known as the Tesoro Oil Refinery.

The written history of that species goes back to at least the Lewis and Clark expedition. Capt. William Clark wrote that he shot a Canada goose on a nest on May 13, 1805, and Capt. Meriwether Lewis wrote that he saw many geese feeding on the prairie and several were in trees on May 14, 1805.

We all know that this project was very successful, so much that there may be too many Canada geese now.

Another goose well known to hunters is the greater white fronted goose. Its name comes from the distinctive white band at the base of the bill. Other distinctive markings are the pink bill and orange feet.

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That has caused some confusion in identification because the cackling goose looks very much like some of the smaller types of Canada goose.

The snow geese average 20 years of age and know all the ways of hunters when migrating. They have more food than they can eat when they migrate, because farmers leave much grain in stubble fields all along their route to the south.

Prior to 1900, the greater Canada goose nested over most of the state. But as recently as the mid '80s, the species was thought to be extinct.

The last member of the goose family to be found in our area is a species called the Brant. It is a resident of costal shores and prefers saltwater. There have been only four sightings of Brant in Cheap Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Red Australia our area, usually during weather that moves birds from their regular routes in the United States.

The cackling goose is an abundant species that winters in the southern states and nests in northern Alaska and northern Canada. In early winter, the cackling goose is fairly common in our area.

1 million snow geese were coming back from Canada because they were not able to find open water or food.

The Canada geese winter in Bismarck and Mandan up to 10,000 or more in most recent winters.