SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIn the film, a Los Angeles photographer named Julia travels to the Arctic for an assignment, but becomes lost. After 11 year old Malaya helps save Julia, the two form a close bond.After Malaya's great grandmother passes away, Julia brings her to Los Angeles and adopts her."My mom Lori and I had always talked about writing a book and putting into this book all of these different experiences that I had and she had," said Chapman.Filmmakers battle the elements and themselvesChapman and Stoll say the five year process to create the film was full of challenges from finding funding to battling the elements when filming in Iqaluit in March."We had Cheap Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Red Australia camera lenses freezing," said Stoll. "We had to blow dry the cameras to warm them up."Our monitors had a Canada Goose jacket wrapped around them so that we could stick our head in the head hole to kind of watch the monitor, because they would freeze and they wouldn't work."Director Lori Stall says it was 'pretty intense' to film Heaven's Floor in the Canadian Arctic. (Submitted by Lori Stoll and Road to Nowhere Films)But perhaps the most difficult thing was knowing their lives would be laid bare on the big screen."It's definitely. a lot harder than to tell someone else's story because you're so emotionally invested in every bit of it," said Stoll."And when you start showing it there's always in the back of your mind, 'Am I risking public humiliation?'"'This is my life'For Chapman, the best way to deal with things was to disassociate herself the real life Malaya from her on screen namesake.Producer Justin Ford (left), Nunavut Senator Dennis Patterson and executive producer Malaya Qaunirq Chapman at the Canadian premiere of Heaven's Floor during the Edmonton International Film Festival. (Submitted by Lori Stoll and Road to Nowhere Films)

a 'love letter' to director's Inuk daughter

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