Canada Goose Whistler Parka Melbourne

"We believe in muscle bending," Arenz says of his "old school" duck hunting partners. "It's how I stay in shape."

The barber had tables full of sporting magazines; the young Arenz would pore over every article in Field Stream, Outdoor Life and other outdoor periodicals.

A native of North Prairie in Waukesha County, Arenz was drawn to waterfowl hunting from an early age.

He used his bicycle for more than deliveries. At a young age, he would throw his father's side by side 12 gauge over his shoulder and pedal to Eagle Marsh in western Waukesha County to hunt waterfowl.

Wings whistle past in the dark. Somewhere in the distance, a hen mallard quacks and wood ducks talk.

It's Day 3 of the 2010 Wisconsin southern zone duck hunting season. We have met to try our luck on Sally's Marsh, a Canada Goose Whistler Parka Melbourne 220 acre property owned by Arenz and five partners.

We toss out three Canada goose decoys and a quartet of mallard blocks. Then it's time to wait, watch and listen until the clock, or the light, allows for hunting.

The water eventually flows into Honey Creek and the Fox River. we have traveled about 500 yards from the launch, through stumps and past grassy high ground and nosed the skiff into a point of cattails. The cattails yield.

He remembers stopping at a barber shop almost daily after he'd finished his newspaper delivery route.

The spring fed wetland covers about 120 acres; it's named for the previous owner.

If his mother asked where he'd been, he'd tell her that's how long it took him to deliver the papers.

Canada Goose Whistler Parka Melbourne

A hunter's marsh also offers ducks

Arenz and I sit back, breath in the rich marsh air and strike up a conversation of our own.